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I used a stepping motor to dial the lock, an optical sensor to verify rotational place, an enormous solenoid to yank the hasp, and one other optical sensor to detect when the hasp opened. I also initially had rotational positioning issues till I adjusted the stepper current and motor start, ramp and top velocity, and even then added the rotational sensor to detect for and then correct any driftage. My outdated Tandy 286 working Mark Williams C ran the thing through the parallel port. Positive, it wasn't actually sensible, particularly as you should purchase one of those locks for just some dollars, however it was enjoyable to make, and debug, and was an awesome thrill when it efficiently opened a lock that I' d forgotten the combination of. 64,000? I don't know whether repeated values are allowed in these simple Master locks. At one quantity per second, that's less than a day even when every quantity must be tried. 8000, or about 2 hours at one try per second. I've an old Mosler safe having 4 numbers with values from 0-99; that might take longer - 100,000,000 possibilities? I do know that repeated values are allowed within the Mosler as a result of the mix is person-setteable. So, possibly 3 years at one try per second?

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